Humayun Saeed Discusses His Personal Life And Marriage

Since he has been active for decades, Humayun Saeed is the big star of Pakistan’s entertainment business. The talented and adaptable Pakistani actor and producer Humayun is unstoppable.

In a recent interview with the “FWhy Podcast,” Humayun Saeed discussed his marriage and personal life. In reference to his marriage, Humayun stated, “I knew Samina since a while ago and we used to meet. I started crying when I had to decide whether or not to get married because I worried about what would happen if she got married to someone else. I insisted to my parents that Samina will be the only woman I marry. Even though my parents disagreed with me getting married to Samina because they felt I was too young, I persisted and succeeded to convince them otherwise.

Humayun continued by referring to his wife as “the one who guided me throughout my career and life. She is a powerful woman, no doubt. Samina initially felt insecure, but as time went on, she learned to trust them all and made friends with them. Everybody on the sets used to receive meals from even her. Samina once experienced insecurity over a female, but the real story behind that girl was that I had asked her to meet up for no other reason than to inform her that I was already married.

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