UP Minister Gets Angry at Party Workers, Throws Mic on Stage

Vexed at party workers for not paying heed to his remarks, Nishadraj Party chief and cabinet minister Sanjay Kumar Nishad lost his cool and threw a microphone on the stage.

The incident came to the fore when a video capturing the Minister’s act was circulated widely over social media.

“Agar humse bada neta ho toh bolo nahi toh suno (If you are a bigger politician than me, then speak, else listen),” Nishad is heard saying in the video.

As per reports, the video took place when the minister was attending a meeting of party workers at the Hindi Bhawan auditorium in Uttar Pradesh’s Mau district.

In video, which has spread like wildfire over social media, the minster can be heard saying, “’Kitna bada neta ho’?” after taking back the microphone that he had slammed into the workers a while ago. “‘Barbad ho jaoge, dusre ke ishare pe chal rahe ho na’

Then pointing at a party employee, he also asked “‘Dhirendra, kya chahte ho? Barbaadi’? .

“The program was unintentionally set up in this flood-stricken area. It shouldn’t have happened here. The media and reporters have heard my explanation of this,” he was further heard saying on the video.

According to reports, Sanjay was pacified by other senior leaders after the program remained stalled for about 20 minutes.

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Originally published at www.news18.com

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