I was a very depressed young man, says Zach Braff

Zach Braff was a “very depressed young man”.

Zach Braff has recalled his battle with depression

Zach Braff has recalled his battle with depression

The 47-year-old actor has revealed that he wrote ‘Garden State’ – his 2004 comedy-drama film – because he had a fantasy “of a dream girl coming along and saving [him]”.

He told The Independent: “I was just copying Diane Keaton in ‘Annie Hall’ and Ruth Gordon in ‘Harold and Maude’.

“Those were my two favourite movies growing up, and I was kind of taking those two female protagonists and melding them into Natalie Portman.

“Of course I’ve heard and respect the criticism, but … I was a very depressed young man who had this fantasy of a dream girl coming along and saving me from myself and so I wrote that character.”

Asked if he was conscious of his depression at the time, Zach replied: “Oh, I’ve known my whole life. I had OCD as a child. I knew I was battling something. That’s what writing ‘Garden State’ was about.”

The Hollywood star – who is best-known for starring in the hit sitcom ‘Scrubs’ – can still vividly remember battling “demons” while writing the movie.

He shared: “As I was writing it, I was hoping I could survive what became known as the quarter-life crisis, and depression, and fantasising that the perfect woman would come along and rescue me.”

‘Garden State’ was initially well-received by critics. However, opinions about the movie have changed over time.

Zach added: “I mean, I just feel lucky that I get to make stuff. I can’t really dwell on it. Anyone who’s ever got a bad grade on an essay from a teacher can relate – just imagine it was out there in public, you know?

“No one said being a creative person was easy, but you have to be vulnerable and authentically yourself. Otherwise, what’s the point?”

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