Ahmed Ali Butt’s discussion on cosmetics

Ahmed Ali Butt is a man of many talents including acting, hosting, and music. Being born in the household of Shaukat Hussain Rizvi and Noor Jehan, the rapper-turned-singer was raised in the limelight with the best in the show business frequenting his company.

During his recent interview with Munib Nawaz, the performer was described as a “natural born entertainer” as he delved into details about his journey so far. “My upbringing was full of music, arts, and culture. All the flair and attention were normal for me as mine was a happening household. I was also surrounded by great icons such as Dildar Pervaiz Bhatti, Imran Khan, and Javed Mian Dad. They were just uncles and aunties to me, not celebrities,” he recalled.

“Film shootings were a routine activity for me too, for us it wasn’t shooting, it was just a getaway for the weekend. I would call it a crazy and loving childhood because, for a kid, it is such a flourishing environment to see all these colours and loud personalities. You absorb them.”

After a short pause, Ahmed lamented, “Today children don’t have this exposure, and their life is full of restrictions. Since the Covid- 19 outbreak, they have been limited to the four walls of their homes and it’s taking a toll on them.”

Ahmed has been often labelled as a comedian on television and as Munib puts it, “Like a moth that touches the flame; there has never been a dull moment with Ahmed on screen.” It’s not surprising that the performer has been part of multiple brilliant movies such as Jawani Phir Nahi Ani, 3 Bahadur: The Revenge of Baba Balaam and Parey Hut Love.

He spoke about how talent needs to be nurtured to make it worthwhile, “Talent is ordinary, everybody has talent, even the person making you a lemonade. It’s how you use and use it that truly matters.”

The weight loss journey

During the conversation, Munib glossed over Ahmed’s transformation and the rumours of him getting a “liposuction” as a means of efficient weight loss.

“Yes, I tried liposuction once, but it didn’t work. The problem is that the fat liposuction removes, often comes back. But everyone should get it done if they want to. If you don’t spend money on yourself, then who will? You should be the best version of yourself. I’m all for cosmetics and tummy tucks if that makes you feel better.”

Body weight is an extremely personal matter and it also drives an individual into significant image issues and addictions. Many people conform to disorders in their quest to attain an ideal body type, therefore weight loss is a sensitive subject in the media industry, especially when involving celebrities.

For Ahmed, weight loss was “100% a health thing.” He added, “I’ve been overweight my whole life, and was bullied throughout my childhood. It didn’t affect me because I kept a thick skin, and a strong defense mechanism.”

He further added that “When you slowly dive into your 30s, your body does not react in the same way. Especially when Azaan was born, I couldn’t even go up the stairs without my breath catching up to me.”

However, the turning point in Ahmed’s life was when he observed his “blood pressure shooting up” without his knowledge. He then, after much persistence set his goal to reduce some unhealthy pounds off his plate.

In doing so, Ahmed went through intermediate fasting, a special diet, saw a doctor, and managed to go from 134 to 95 kilos. Ahmed concluded the interview in awe of his wife, Fatima, who not only supported him endlessly throughout his weight loss journey but also sacrificed her career for her family.

He recalls how Fatima sacrificed everything for their son Azaan and him, and never once threw a tantrum about it. “Fatima put her career in the backseat. Giving her whole attention to her family. She said, ‘this is what I want to do for you guys.’”

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Originally published at tribune.com.pk

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