Instagram Account Shares Beautiful Photos Taken On The Street Or In Public Places (30 New Pics)

Street photography is a fascinating way of capturing the essence of society and the urban environment we live in. It’s a genre of photography that seeks to document everyday life, the hustle, and bustle of the streets, and the beauty in the ordinary. Street photographers wander the streets with the goal of capturing candid moments, the unplanned and unscripted, preserving them for posterity. They look for the reflection of society and the human condition in the most unexpected places.

The “Street Photographers” Instagram page is a curated collection of candid moments captured from all around the world. The page serves as a window into the daily life of different cities, cultures, and people. It’s a platform for up-and-coming photographers to showcase their work, but also for anyone who loves street photography to discover new perspectives, emotions, and moments. The page is constantly updated with new images, each one a small time capsule of a specific moment in time, preserving it for the future.

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Back in 2018, an 83-year-old man named Ali Meşe thought he’d lost everything. His house had burned down in a terrible fire, leaving him homeless and without possessions. But one very important thing was saved — his tiny, blonde-furred cat.
Photo: Ilhami Cetin

streetphotographersfdn Report

Bored Panda got in touch with Alicja Posłuszna, a hobby photographer from Poland, whose photograph of a kitty looking into a mirror through a window recently went viral after it was featured on the “Street Photographers” Instagram page. The photograph, which depicts a cat staring into a mirror, has a deeper meaning rooted in the famous Schrödinger’s Cat thought experiment. As Alicja explains, “The context is the famous Schrödinger’s Cat, the association is quite obvious. The role of the observer is taken over by the cat; it decides whether I am alive or not.”

Alicja’s photograph was selected to be featured on the Instagram page, which serves as a platform for up-and-coming photographers to showcase their work. As Alicja states, “My style of photography is an expression of my sense of aesthetics, imagination, and courage to be myself through what I show. Thank you to all the observers, as you also create with me through your reception. Together, the meaning emerges.”

When asked about her favorite type of photograph, Alicja expresses her love for black and white photography, saying “I love black and white photography for its rawness and depth. The absence of color is what draws my attention and curiosity. Without the distractions of color, the important content can truly shine through.”

Alicja’s passion for photography is evident in her words and her work. She never feels burnt out, as she explains “I don’t take photos out of force, unwillingly, or boredom. Photography is my passion, and I am constantly surprised by the moments when I feel compelled to take my camera in hand and embark on a photographic journey, both outside and within myself. My inspiration doesn’t force me to do anything, but it whispers softly in my ear, guiding me in the present moment.”

For Alicja, the most rewarding part of the creative process is sharing her photographs with others. As she states, “Each stage of my photography process holds its own value for me, but the most rewarding aspect is sharing my creations with others. It’s truly beautiful to see my photographs come to life in the eyes of others, as it’s through their perspective that the image truly comes alive and photography truly comes to life.”

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