International critics hail Shah Rukh Khan film, call it ‘terrific’ and ‘better than James Bond’

Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan is making waves at the Global box office. The film has not only earned record money for any Hindi film but also garnered positive reviews from critics. And this critical praise is not limited just to India. Even overseas, critics have praised the action thriller, with particular praise for the lead actor and his screen presence.

Pathaan, directed by Siddharth Anand, stars Shah Rukh as the titular spy with John Abraham and Deepika Padukone rounding off the main cast. Praising the film, The Wrap’s critic Scott Mendelson tweeted, “#PathaanMovie is spectacular. It’s a terrific, gleefully over-the-top action melodrama that delivers everything anyone who follows Indian action movies could want.” He even called it better than War, the previous film from the YRF Spy Universe.

The biggest praise for Pathaan from abroad came in the review of The Guardian. The headline proclaimed that this ‘daft Shah Rukh Khan spy caper is more fun than Bond’. The review was more sedate in its tone. “The increasingly daft plot pings around the globe like a Bond or Mission: Impossible. Khan delivers a performance with perfect levels of fun, and light on Bond-ish psychological flaws, playing it instead with a wink here, a joke there,” read one part of it.

Canadian publication Globe and Mail also praised Shah Rukh Khan and the film. “Move over, RRR: Bollywood and Shah Rukh Khan are back,” read its headline. The review read, “Pathaan is by no means flawless. It tries to marry a Hollywood-style action film with Bollywood camp. Sometimes it delivers, and sometimes the script is just too banal. It could also be edited more judiciously. But the film entertains and leaves you grooving to an infectious tune at the end.” UAE’s National News also praised Shah Rukh’s performance and the film.

Pathaan has earned over Rs 230 crore worldwide in its first two days, a new record for any Hindi film. The film has also broken the record for the highest opening weekend by a Hindi film in only two days, with a haul of Rs 127 crore net in India.

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