Jason Segel, Brett Goldstein and more discuss their new AppleTV+ series Shrinking

We interview the cast and creators of AppleTV+ series Shrinking, including Jason Segel, Jessica Williams, Brett Goldstein, and more.

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Shrinking is an excellent series in the tradition of Ted Lasso that blends emotion and personal growth with humor for a story that is both inspirational and heartfelt. The series follows Jimmy Laird (Jason Segel), a psychiatrist mired in grief after the death of his wife. After succumbing to drugs and depression, Jimmy decides to throw caution to the wind and tell his patients the blunt truth, even if it isn’t the best medical advice. When it works, sort of, Jimmy embarks on a new direction in his treatment of his patients and his family that does not always work out as one would expect. Shrinking is a great series and will be an instant hit for all involved.

I got to talk about Shrinking with the cast and creative team behind the series. Creators Bill Lawrence and Brett Goldstein discussed similarities and differences between this series and Ted Lasso as well as how they used real therapy and treatment techniques as the basis for what is seen in the series. Producer Neil Goldman talked about landing Harrison Ford for the cast of this series and how fun he was on set. Lukita Maxwell, who plays Jimmy’s daughter Alice, talked about working opposite Ford. Christa Miller talked about working with her husband, Bill Lawrence, again and how fantastic her character was to play. Jessica Williams talked about playing Gaby and doing carpool karaoke with Harrison Ford. Co-creator and star Jason Segel talked about the nature of the series, what he and everyone hoped to get out of the project, and how excited he was to make it. You can check out the full interviews in the embed above.

Shrinking premieres on January 27th on AppleTV+.

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