Jodie Turner-Smith fears zombie apocalypse is coming

Jodie Turner-Smith is convinced a zombie apocalypse is coming.

Jodie Turner-Smith is afraid of zombies

Jodie Turner-Smith is afraid of zombies

The 36-year-old actress has an “irrational fear” of the undead and is hopeful that the skills she needs to learn for her acting jobs will come in handy one day.

She told Total Film magazine: “I have an irrational fear of zombies. I think that the zombie apocalypse is coming, so I like to cultivate skills that will prepare me for the zombie apocalypse.

“So far, I’ve only learned to shoot guns.

“You’ve got to be able to do head shots and you’ve got to double tap.

“I don’t think knowing how to stand on a mark is going to help me that much.”

The ‘Queen + Slim’ actress – who has two-year-old daughter Janie with husband Joshua Jackson – likes to “celebrate herself” when she wraps filming and thinks the “best gift” she can get is a vacation.

She said: “I always like to give myself a gift after every shoot because I think it’s important to celebrate myself.

“I keep on taking it to the next level every time with what I do for myself.

“I love a holiday after I wrap.

“I think that’s the best gift I can give myself, just to unplug.

“My husband and I went to GoldenEye (in Jamaica) and had a really amazing, amazing time.”

Though Jodie wishes she had stolen more from her film sets, she admitted she “always” takes the socks and underwear she wears during filming because she can’t understand why anyone would want them back.

She said: “It took me a while to realise that I should steal things.

“I hear about this all the tme – actors being like, ‘Yeah I took this, I took that.’ I’m like, ‘Damn.’

“I did a show last year called ‘Bad Monkey’ and I really loved some of the jewellery my character wore.

“They were like, ‘You can have this.’ So they gave it to me.

“I always steal socks and underwear. Once I’ve worn the pants, do you really want them back?”

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