John Legend is hands-on dad

John Legend is “happy” to change his baby daughter’s diapers.

John Legend is hands-on with his baby daughter

John Legend is hands-on with his baby daughter

The ‘All of Me’ hitmaker and his wife Chrissy Teigen welcomed little Esti into the World last month and the 44-year-old singer is trying to be as hands-on as possible with the newborn so his spouse can get some rest.

He told the new issue of People magazine: “Obviously I can’t breastfeed her, so I help feed when we use the bottle. I’m happy to change diapers. I’m good at burping her, too.”

“I just started singing to her a little bit. Chrissy’s good at lullabies, too. I try to help as much as I can, you know, to give Chrissy a break.”

John and Chrissy, 37, have loved seeing how their older children, Luna, six, and four-year-old Miles, have adjusted to having another sibling.

He said: “Our older kids are really into being older siblings, which we weren’t sure about.

“It seemed like they might be jealous when Chrissy was pregnant. But since Esti’s been born, they’ve been really loving and wanting to hold her and feed her — just wanting to be good siblings.”

But the ‘Ordinary People’ singer admitted he is apprehensive of how to travel with a larger family.

He laughed: “That’ll be the test. With an extra stroller and all this stuff, it’s going to be a lot!”

John recently explained how Esti’s names honour some of his ancestors, though that wasn’t intentional.

He said: “It turns out, my great-grandmother was named Esther.

“It wasn’t intentionally after someone, but once Chrissy told me that idea, I was like, ‘Oh, my great-grandmother’s name was Esther.’

“We wanted to already name her middle name Maxine after my grandmother, whose middle name was Maxine. So, it’s a lot of my family in the name.”

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