Julie Chrisley’s son says jailed parents aren’t ‘in some country club’

Julie and Todd Chrisley’s son Chase has insisted his jailed parents aren’t “in some country club”.

Julie Chrisley and Todd Chrisley aren't in 'some country club' as they serve their time

Julie Chrisley and Todd Chrisley aren’t in ‘some country club’ as they serve their time

Julie is serving seven years behind bars on charges of bank fraud and tax evasion while Todd was sentenced to 12 years and they are serving their time at different prisons which are 650 miles apart – and their son Chase Chrisley is adamant they are facing tough conditions in prison.

Speaking on the ‘Chasin’ Birdies’ podcast, he explained: “”Their conditions are just so s*****, too. Like, everybody acts like my dad’s in some country club and that’s not the case at all.

“I mean, they got like black mould [in dad’s prison], and my mom’s place is even worse. I mean, she doesn’t even have air conditioning. They’re in a camp. It’s better than like being behind a wall.”

The couple is serving time at different prisons which are 650 miles apart with Todd installed at the Federal Prison Camp in Pensacola, Florida, and Julie housed in the Federal Medical Center in Lexington, Kentucky.

Chase revealed he and his sister Savannah take it in turns to go visit them. He added: “Savannah will go see my dad, I’ll go see my mom. We’ll rotate, and Savannah will normally take the kids [brother Grayson, 16, and adopted niece Chloe, 10,] down with her.

“But it’s tough, man. I mean, our family loves really, really hard, so when you love somebody as much as we love each other, it’s definitely very difficult to see your loved ones in a situation like that.”

He went on to revealed the siblings are now working on plans to help former prisoners get their life back on track after they are released.

Chase explained: “Our system’s so broken, but that’s not new. I mean, there’s so many other people that are wrongly convicted that are sitting in prison and just don’t have the resources to fight.

“That’s what my sister and I are kind of working on, is the prison reform and trying to help people with their re-entry whenever they get out, help them find jobs, give them some stability. But yeah, man it’s tough seeing them In there.”

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