Kacha Badam singer Bhuban Badyakar reveals he’s been cheated, living in a rented house, struggles to meet ends

Peanut seller Bhuban Badyakar became a viral sensation with his song Kacha Badam. The West Bengal-origin Badyakar used to sing Kacha Badam while selling his peanuts. A video uploaded by a user turned him into an overnight star. He went on to collaborate with Badshah as well. Badyakar was even praised by the West Bengal police.

However, today, Bhuban is struggling to make ends meet. As per the report of Indiatimes, he spoke to Aaj Tak Bangla and said, that it has been many months since he left his village. “I am living on rent in a house in Dubrajpur. A lot of money goes into rent every month. Whereas earning is not being done from anywhere. I do not know for how long this work will be able to go on.” He got a new house built in the village. But he’s not able to live in that house. “The song Kachha Badam made me popular. But now because of that song, I am away from my home,” added Bhuban. 

Bhuban even revealed that he cannot even sing his song or upload it online. Bhuban claimed he was cheated by a company. Currently, Badyakar is managing to survive by doing small jobs and earning a few thousand rupees a month. Bhuban revealed, “I don’t know how many days this will go on,” he choked up in the conversation.  

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Badyakar added that a Birbhum-based company and its owner tricked him in the name of Indian Performing Right Society Limited (IPRS). As per the report, they paid him Rs 3 lakhs for allegedly sharing his song on YouTube. Badyakar didn’t know he signed on to a paper that sold away his copyright. “I am not educated, and I don’t even know how to read English. Now, they are telling me that they bought my song. I cannot even reach them over the phone now.” Due to copyright infringement, he can’t sing or upload his song online.


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