Krishna Shroff: I used to be timid and shy, I had an immense shift in my mindset

Entrepreneur and social media influencer Krishna Shroff, got into a conversation with about her passion for fitness. 

What inspired you to start MMA Matrix?

MMA Matrix began as a passion project. I fell in love with the sport of MMA and have closely followed it for over 10 years now. MMA, especially, has also allowed my brother (Tiger Shroff) to create a niche for himself  that set him apart from his competitors in a very difficult industry to break into. MMA Matrix was sort of our way of also giving back to the sport for everything it’s given us, including life changing qualities such as determination, confidence, and focus like never before. I’ve been able to connect to numerous people all around the World through my fitness journey as well because it took a lot of hard work and discipline to achieve my fitness goals and to be where I currently stand; therefore, MMA Matrix was a good way to help motivate and inspire the youth to make healthy lifestyle changes for themselves.

Were there any challenges that you faced?

Of course! Plenty. Any start up is a huge risk in itself already, however, we lost out on our first two years due to COVID. With the support and efforts of my incredible team, we were able to sustain our business and locked in various franchises through the midst of the pandemic—when most gyms were unfortunately shutting down. 

What is it like being an entrepreneur who started a brand related to fitness and fight promotion?

I take immense pride in being one of the pioneers of the fitness movement within our country as well as being at the forefront of expanding the culture of MMA and giving our athletes opportunities to be recognised by the world. It gives me great joy to be able to help inspire people through my journey. Fitness has given me an identity away from who everyone expected me to be and I’ll forever be grateful for that individuality it’s given me today. 

What is it like turning your passion into a venture?

I’ve always said that life is too short to wake up and not do what you love. It gives me sheer happiness to wake up every single day being able to do what I truly feel passionate about and work towards bettering myself by progressing more week by week, all the while, helping young boys and girls do the same by making changes towards a healthier lifestyle. 

What motivated you to get into fitness?

I was always a super active kid growing up and played all sorts of sports; however, it wasn’t until 23 that I actually stepped foot into a gym. At first, I was so timid and shy, I made sure to take membership at a gym I know didn’t have more than 2 or 3 people working out in at a time. Once I began seeing the changes in my physicality, I had an immense shift in my mindset. I fell in love with how much I was able to push myself both physically and mentally each week and the way it was making me feel. No matter what’s going on in my life, whether it be good or bad, I’m always entirely zoned in during that 1.5-2 hours of my training. It clears my mind. Today, I feel like I can walk into any gym and own it—not just my own. 

How does it feel to be an influencer?

It’s honestly the most gratifying feeling in my life. Knowing that my story inspires these women and being able to help or motivate them to be better and feel stronger; not just physically, but mentally as well, is such a win in itself and truly makes me believe I’m on the right path. 

Following a diet can be hard. Any tips you’d like to give to the ones who would want to start a fitness journey?

Don’t bother with the fad/crash diets because you’ll immediately gain all the weight back that you lose considering it’ll all be water weight. Start with something that you can sustain.

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