Lawyer For Shanquella Robinson’s Family Calls For A ‘High-Level Diplomatic Intervention’ Over Unanswered Questions About Her Death Four Months Later

It’s been four months since the death of Shanquella Robinson and her family is still trying to get answers pertaining to the status of the ongoing investigation. But according to their lawyer, there’s been little to no progress being made, which is why they hope to push the case to the Biden administration or public officials to step in so that critical actions can be made.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, attorney Sue-Ann Robinson revealed how she had recently taken a “fact-finding” trip to Cabo, Mexico in hopes that she could get some answers.

When she approached Mexican officials for further questioning on the status of Robinson’s case, the lawyer said that she was told their investigation was already complete and that it was now up to the U.S. to extradite the alleged suspect,

Daejhanae Imani Jackson, after an arrest warrant was issued and she was reportedly charged with femicide back in November. Upon returning from Mexico, however, the family attorney said that in order for things to progress, the U.S. needs to intervene and extradite Jackson back to Cabo, but from her knowledge, she doesn’t believe they’ve actually made any arrests yet.

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“My understanding of the treaty is that it would be the responsibility of our law enforcement agency to have the approval of the State Department in order for us to give clearance for U.S. citizens to be turned over to the Mexican authorities,” she said. “The bigger issue is that’s something that would take a high-level diplomatic intervention, a very high-level diplomatic intervention, and that hasn’t been done yet as far as we know.”

Robinson traveled to Cabo to celebrate one of her friends’ birthdays, along with six other people, but just one day after she arrived at the villa where they were staying, she died. Her family later claimed that when they found out about her passing, friends had told them that she had suffered from alcohol poisoning — but Mexican authorities later declared in Robinson’s death certificate that she had actually suffered “severe spinal cord injury and atlas luxation.”

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They believed that due to the injuries found on her body, they had reason to believe the North Carolina native had actually been attacked, sparking a social media movement of curious people trying to help the family get answers. What was even more disturbing was the video footage that circulated online days later, taken by one of her friends of Robinson getting physically attacked by another girl at the villa.

Given that Robinson died one day after her arrival, the assault would have taken place shortly before she died.

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