Madeleine West shares secret health battle with hospital selfie

Former Neighbours star Madeleine West has revealed she got a terrifying wake-up call recently after pushing her body to its limits.

The actress sparked concerns for her health over the weekend when she shared a photo from hospital while attached to an IV drip.

In a lengthy post shared on Instagram, the 42-year-old explained that “honouring every commitment” has seen her “dishonouring” her health and ended with her requiring medical attention.

“I’m smiling but I’m not gonna sugarcoat the fact I’ve just had a massive wake up call,” West wrote alongside her selfie. “I know I’m not alone in being guilty of taking my health for granted.”

“This body has climbed mountains, treaded the boards, flung itself off waterfalls, carried six healthy babies full term and been whacked by a bus,” she added, referring to the 2002 incident where she suffered traumatic injuries after being hit by a bus in Sydney.

“Every time it got up, dusted itself off, and got on with getting on. And I know I’m not alone in being guilty of taking my health for granted, and just assuming that where my ambitions (and ego) lead my bod will automatically follow.”

However, West said she was burning the candle at both ends and something had to give – and, surely enough, her body did.

“For a while now mine has been screaming to stop and yesterday it finally hit the breaks,” she said.

West revealed she has since underwent a series of tests and became a “human pin cushion” in the process. Now she has put her foot down and prioritised her health – and is sharing her story in an attempt to help others recognise when they need to slow down.

“I’m only sharing this because there is an awful lot of polished perfection here on the gram, not much evidence of where most of us find ourselves more often than not, trawling through the muck of the day-to-day, sometimes brought to our knees,” she explained.

“It’s important to see that stuff because that too is all part of the never-ending story of being a beautifully, terrifyingly, humbly, perfectly imperfect HUMAN BEING. I hear a lot of hype in my industry about being a YES MAN. Well right now I’m practising being a NO WOMAN.”

West’s hospital stay comes weeks after she revealed she was a victim of childhood sexual abuse.

In an exclusive interview with News Corp, the actress claimed she was abused as a small child by a person who lived in the same town – a dark secret she harboured for three decades.

“This monster ruined my life,” she said in the January interview. “I’ve come out the other side, yes a survivor but happy to own the title of victim. Justice can be achieved. It was never, and never will be, your fault, you are not to blame.”

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