Mahira Khan tells all in ‘Ask Mahira’ session on Twitter

Renowned actor Mahira Khan, who rarely takes to social media to comment on cultural happenings, interact with fans or hit back at haters, took some time out on Saturday to spill the beans on her upcoming projects, personality, likes, dislikes, and more in an ‘Ask Mahira’ session on Twitter. 

The Legend of Maula Jatt star had a lot to say about various matters in response to fan queries. She even revealed that while she may not immediately return for another TV serial after Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay, there is something “special” instore for her fans — a series perhaps — “who knows?” she teased.

Mahira also confessed that while she’s still trying to figure out where all the love — love one doesn’t know they’re even capable of showing — is supposed to go when a dear one leaves, she believes in connecting with herself and the creator. “I’m feeling low and I miss my Twitter family. So should we do an ‘Ask Mahira’? she initiated on the micro-blogging site on Saturday evening. After getting an overwhelming response, the celebrity began replying to fans one by one.

When a user asked what makes a social media detox difficult, Mahira replied, “Only you guys, absolutely nothing else!” Another inquired, “When are we getting the first look of Neelofar?” to which Mahira replied, “Was meant to be soonish. InshaAllah. Producer sahab decides. I’ve seen it and…” she added wholesome emojis.

When a fan asked a rather introspective question: “When you lose the most important person to you in the entire world, where is all that love, the love you never even knew you were capable of showing, supposed to go?” Mahira reflected, “I’m still trying to figure out the answer to this one. Connecting with yourself and the Maker is soothing. Believing in that love is humbling.”

A user also asked her about her experience of recording Chan Pichay for The Legend of Maula Jatt. “Did you guys record separately or together and who convinced you to sing?  It’s one of the most beautiful scenes in your career Mahi,” the noted. Mahira shared, “We recorded separately. Could have never imagined how it looked eventually. We just felt it while singing it. I was nervous because my voice was the first one and also only solo. Bilal Lashari is king!”

When a tweep inquired what scene, she’d be willing to do again and again with SRK, Mahira shared a click of her and Shah Rukh’s romantic moment in Zaalima from Raees. “This” she wrote with a wink. When a fan asked what her journey from Khirad Hussain to Mukkho Jatti has been like, she quipped, “Long but magical! Pakki pakki mashooq hoon!”


A user also wanted to know when we’ll be seeing her in a TV serial again. “Not anytime soon.. but there is something special. Which was meant to be a drama might be a series.” she revealed.

A fan even shared an old tweet of hers, asking if she still feels the same way. The tweet read: “Lowkey crying for the shippers of a certain ship in the Lux ad. Just kidding.” The user asked, “Mahira Khan, do you still lowkey cry for shippers of a certain ship or have things changed? Asking for a friend.” Mahira commented, “Is that a real tweet! I’m so embarrassed!”

When asked what warning label would she come with, the Verna actor wrote, “Beware. Highly addictive.”

A user even listed everything they love about Mahira, including her nose, which took her by surprise! “That’s very kind of you! And you included my nose… must really love me,” she laughed and cried. 

Upon being asked if she and Humayun Saeed will ever be seen onscreen together after Bin Roye, she tweeted, “I hope very, very soon. [What do you say] Humayun?” tagging The Crown actor. 

A fan even told Mahira she cheered her up since she had been crying all day long. “That makes me smile. Crying can be good sometimes. I hope you feel good. InshAllah you will,” replied the star.

Another asked rather sneakily, “Are you doing that show that everybody wants you to do, with the person no one wants you to do it with?” Mahira declared, “I just love you, OGs. I swear no one brings a smile to my face like you guys.”

She also revealed that if given the choice, she’d play Khirad from Humsafar again. Although she might not be able to replicate the character’s “innocence” as easily as she did back in the day. “If there’s one role you could do again, which one would it be and why?” asked a fan. “Again? Hmmm… Khirad probably. But I don’t know if I’d be able to play her as innocently. So, none I guess,” she added on second thought. “Bring me a new role, one that takes my breath away!”

When a user told her they’re feeling low, wishing to hear some words of wisdom, Mahira advised, “Live in the now. Look around. See what you have. And take a long deep breath. Forget the past or the future. In this moment alone, you’re alive. And it’s a blessing! Practise this as much as you can. Lots of love always.”

A fan also wanted to know why Mahira never changes her profile picture. The star replied, “I know I know. I don’t know why! I find it comforting to come back to things mostly being the same!” It’s okay Mahira, we feel you. 

A tweep even asked if she’s ever felt lost, or lost faith in therapy and medicines. “What do you turn to? I feel so dissociated from life,” they shared. “You may need to try a few before you find the right fit,” replied Mahira about the prior — therapists. “If you’re on meds — that too sometimes there is a trial-and-error period. Try meditating. I would say try it all. But also, give it time. I know it’s hard. But soon enough you’ll see the light. Promise,” she assured. 

When a fan informed her, “Mahira, this girl was calling you overrated yesterday,” the actor laughed it off. “Hahaha, was she? Who cares! lots of love for you Rihaan x.”

Upon being asked to comment on Waseem Badami, Mahira admitted, “He’s too good!” while sharing a snippet of herself next to him from a show. 

Signing off, Mahira told her fans she’ll be away for a while — as usual. But here’s hoping her fans keep her coming back for more!

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