Marvel and DC Hate Each Other? James Gunn Says Not True

As James Gunn’s final Marvel movie opens in theaters and his DC Studios future begins, he’s shutting down any notion about the two superhero studios hating each other. Gunn has had a foot in both studios for quite some time. His Marvel run lasted 11 years and three “Guardians of the Galaxy” movies, while he made his DC debut with 2021’s “The Suicide Squad” and is now the co-head of DC Studios, where he’s writing and directing a new Superman movie.

“It’s not odd. It isn’t odd at all, not to me,” Gunn stressed to Yahoo entertainment when asked what it’s been like juggling “Guardians Vol. 3” press with his new DC Studios duties. “I understand how it appears, but I’m just busy cause I’m working two jobs at one time. But it’s not odd.”

“People have this weird belief that Marvel and DC hate each other or somehow are polar opposites,” Gunn continued, “But it’s just not the truth. I mean, listen, man, our job is the same. We want to get people into the theaters to see movies. That’s what matters. And I think that we work together to do that. And the more good Marvel movies are, the better it is for DC movies. The more good DC movies, the better it is for Marvel movies.”

Gunn said it’s not like Marvel and DC are opposing sports teams like famous baseball rivals the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox.

“There’s not only one winner,” Gunn said. “There can be two winners because it matters who goes to see your movies and who enjoys ’em.”

News broke last October that Gunn would become the new head of DC Studios along with Peter Safran. The duo are creating a new DC Universe that spans movies, television and video games. Gunn is writing and directing “Superman: Legacy,” while other upcoming films in their slate include “Supergirl: World of Tomorrow” and the Batman and Robin movie “The Brave and the Bold.”

Gunn wrote to fans in the aftermath of his DC hiring and revealed that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige was his first call when he landed the DC job.

“Not only do I love Kevin [Feige], he was the first person I told after I did the deal with DC (John Cena was the second),” Gunn wrote. “Contrary to popular belief, a dollar less for Marvel is not a dollar more for DC. DC and Marvel have the common goal of keeping the theater-going experience vibrant and alive!”

Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” opens nationwide May 5 from Disney. Gunn’s “Superman: Legacy” has a July 11, 2025 release date set from Warner Bros.

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