Nadia Jamil pens heartfelt note for her late father

Abdul Jalil Jamil, the father of veteran actor Nadia Jamil and businessman Omar Jamil, breathed his last on May 4, leaving behind cherished memories and a legacy of love and wisdom. Born on February 18, 1945, he was the youngest son of Sheikh Mohammad Jamil and Hafeeza Jamil.

Nadia and Omar took to social media to share the news. The siblings shared prayers and professed their love for their father, who is survived by his wife Nuschie (Nusrat Jamil), his children Nadia and Omar, and his siblings Farooq, Tariq, and Nighat.

Nadia recently took to Instagram to pen a poignant note urging people not to feel sorry for her loss but instead, celebrate her father’s transition to a realm beyond earthly concerns. She expressed gratitude for having had Jalil as her father for over 50 years, highlighting the precious moments they shared and the valuable life lessons he imparted. Nadia emphasized that her father’s love was the greatest gift he gave her and encouraged others to respect and honour their profound bond.

In the note, Nadia states, “People come up to me and say “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry to hear about your father, your loss.” I want to ask them not to be sorry. Not to think of his transition as my loss, or anyone else’s, but see it as a change of his address, to where he has wanted to be, for a long time.”

She further continues, “In a realm beyond bodies and worldly things, issues, chatter. He is where he wants to be. And I am supremely grateful. Grateful for having had Jalil Jamil as my father for over 50 years. Grateful for the quality of the time we spent together, the lessons he taught me, the words he shared with me, the fact he opened his soul to me and let me open mine to him, the laughter, poetry, philosophy, faith, love of nature, animals, family, friends, the dreams we shared, that it was him and only him who was to be my Abu, my Baba, my best friend and that he went the way he wanted to, peacefully in his sleep, with his Nus next to him.”

Abu taught me the greatest thing in life is love,” Nadia writes. “Abu taught me how to love. 100% all in, with passion and commitment. I am blessed, with my Ma, and brother, who shared Abu with me, my family, extended family, friends, doggies and my own Faith in myself. Alhamdulillah. So…Don’t be sorry.”

Nadia further asked for the love shared between her father and his loved ones to be respected and valued. “Respect this great love we had, celebrate it, and value it. There is nothing to be sorry about. Yes I will miss his physical presence, his phone calls and most of all his company. But I carry with him in my heart, I carry his heart in my heart for as long as I live.”

“His blood keeps my heart alive,” she continues. “His DNA in me will awaken at a whole new level as I meet my precious Abu within myself, my dreams, my work, plans and in all the lessons he has taught me, the memories he has blessed me with. The most essential part of Jalil Jamil has transitioned to where he has been ready to go for some time, what is left in my mind and heart is enough for now.”

She ended her note with the hope to see her father again. “Till we meet again. As I know we will. So when you see me smile, smile because it was a beautiful thing that we had a Jalil Jamil amongst us for as long as we did. Meet my eyes, smile at me, hold my hand, share a blessing with me and a prayer for all of us, especially for my Abu’s peaceful happy transition to his True Beloved. Allah.”

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