Naveed Raza discusses the trolling he received after defending Javed Sheikh.

Naveed Raza has been working in this field for some time now. After working for the government for a while, he decided to pursue acting. We have seen him portray all sorts of roles ranging from highly positive personalities to all out negativity. He constantly gives believable performances of his characters. Naveed Raza has a lot of strong beliefs, and he often speaks his mind without giving any consideration to the potential fallout.

Naveed has been on both sides of several debates in the past. Recently, he has been speaking out against Alizeh Shah, as he has been supporting Yasir Nawaz, which has caused a controversy. People on social media will frequently troll you regardless of whatever side of a controversy you support when there is one. Naveed Raza was a guest on G Sarkar, and during his appearance, he disclosed that Tabish Hashmi’s fans had ridiculed him because he defended Javed Sheikh.

Tabish Hashmi possesses his own unique brand of humor. Because Javed Sheikh was a guest on his show, he dragged him into a joke about a porn star. Javed Sheikh tried to dodge the joke, but because that was the format of his former show, he finished his punch. Javed Sheikh tried to avoid the joke.

Naveed expressed the opinion that the joke was in poor taste, and that hosts should always show proper respect to their visitors. He went on to say that it was inappropriate to joke about with an actor with so much experience, but when he pointed this out, he was severely mocked for it.

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