Netizens call James Cameron’s film ‘bigger, better, more emotional’ than prequel

Avatar The Way of Water Twitter review: The early reviews of James Cameron’s directorial Avatar: The Way of Water is out, and people are calling it the next masterpiece from the visionary director. The upcoming action-adventure is the sequel to the 2009 epic blockbuster Avatar, and critics have stated that the sequel maintained its relatability factor, even after 13 years after it’s release. 

Avatar The Way of Water stars Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana in the primary roles, and the film takes us on a ride, deep into the oceans of Pandora. Several netizens and critics have got the opportunity to have an early access preview of the film, and they shared their reactions to the film on Twitter. 

A user summarised Avatar 2 by saying, “#AvatarTheWayOfWater is pretty incredible. I had faith James Cameron would raise the bar w/ the effects but these visuals are mind-blowing. One stunning frame after the next. But the thing I dug most is how the technical feats always feel in service of character & world-building.” A critic added, “Avatar: The Way of Water left me breathless. Visually stunning, and emotionally overwhelming, with some of the most impressive sustained action scenes I’ve ever seen. The performances are incredible too, especially by all the kids. Wow. James Cameron truly doesn’t miss. #Avatar.”

Another netizen stated, “I’m almost convinced James Cameron shot #AvatarTheWayOfWater on another planet. The film is absolutely stunning and immersive. It’s long but I was completely engaged all the way through. Much like #avatar 13 years ago, this film is a cinematic achievement and a must-see event!” 

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Avatar was a superhit in India, and Avatar 2 is keenly awaited in the country.  As per media reports, the film has already sold more 2 lakh tickets online in advance booking. Avatar The Way of Water will hit cinemas on December 16. 

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