Nurse Who Was Charged With Killing Six In LA Car Crash Has ‘Psychotic Episodes’ And Once Jumped Through A Glass Window, Says Doctor

The tragic car crash in August 2022 that occurred in Los Angeles and resulted in the deaths of six people, including an unborn child, has Nicole Linton facing murder charges. Court documents have revealed that Linton may have lost consciousness at the time of the accident due to her four-year struggle with bipolar disorder. And now, her doctor has reportedly determined that the nurse had “psychotic episodes” as a result of her condition, and once even jumped through a glass window. Linton, who is originally from Houston, Texas, was examined by neurologist Dr. David Millett, who determined in his report that Linton has a tendency to forget her actions when she loses consciousness.

Millett, per the New York Post, also highlighted two incidents where Linton is said to have fallen into a “dream-like state.” On one of these occasions, back in the summer of 2019, she suddenly ran through a glass window yet was completely oblivious to her worrying actions when she regained consciousness. “After landing in the bushes below, she removed her clothes and began walking around the apartment complex naked and bleeding from multiple lacerations, ‘confused, unresponsive, and unaware of what was going on,” he said.

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On another occasion, she had another psychotic episode when she ran into a busy street and allegedly jumped on a police car while making “facial gestures.” Millett added, “Her active acceleration of the vehicle as it approached the intersection, without recognizing the imminent danger to herself, is strongly suggestive of an escape response similar to the other major episodes and may represent a form of frontal lobe seizure.” Additionally, Linton has a documented history of deteriorating mental health, including attempts to hurt herself and involuntary commitments to psychiatric facilities.

Prosecutors have cited her reckless conduct and mental health struggles in asking that Linton be held without bail during the pretrial. However, Linton’s defense has argued that she has only been at fault in three prior collisions. The filings seek to have Linton released to a mental health facility for monitoring and treatment for her illness. Her next hearing is scheduled for August 31.

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This case has brought attention to the importance of mental health in the medical profession and beyond. As a nurse, Linton was responsible for the care of others, but her own mental health struggles were not adequately addressed.

Social media has been reacting to the case since the summer, saying it is crucial for healthcare professionals to receive appropriate support and treatment for their mental health conditions to ensure they can provide safe and effective care for their patients. Additionally, this case highlights the ongoing stigma surrounding mental illness, which often leads to individuals not seeking help or being reluctant to disclose their condition to others.

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