OMG! Trick Daddy Reveals To NeNe Leakes How He Cleans His Groceries Before Getting Them Ate

OMG! Trick Daddy had NeNe Leakes join him on his cooking show, ‘I Got My Pots,’ and we did NOT know this was a collaboration we needed! On the episode, Trick revealed to Nene how he cleans his groceries before they get ate!

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OMG! Trick Daddy Reveals To NeNe Leakes How He Cleans His Groceries Before Getting Them Ate

Aside from Trick giving NeNe a nice little back rub while hugging her as she came onto the set, but Trick would go on to compliment the former ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star, and eventually tell her how he pleases his women.

While explaining to NeNe of how well he treats his women, Trick mentioned that he not only does he spoil them rotten with luxury gifts, but he spoils them in the bedroom too.

He said, “I like to buy them stuff or eat their stuff. I’m a Libra. I’m a pleaser. I like to make sure that they’re very much satisfied.

NeNe — knowing dang well she heard and understood Trick — asked him, “You gon’ do what now?!” Trick bluntly said, “Buy them stuff or eat their stuff.” NeNe threw her whole head, shoulders and body back in clear shock. 

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She added, “Did he say that?” Trick reiterated, “That’s what I do. I’m a pleaser. I’m down with ‘Eat A Booty Gang.’ I’m sure you’ve heard about that.”  NeNe said, “Ohhh. I hadn’t heard about that.” Trick then explains that he’s “not only the head club president, but also a member.”

As Trick continues to say how he’ll eat his woman and she’ll eat him back, he later goes on to explain how he prepares himself to have his groceries munched on. Trick says, “I take sit down baths. That’s why I don’t say bath. I say bathes. I make sure I’m very clean. And I make sure I’m right down there. I shave all these gray hairs off these b*lls. You know.”

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