Pakistan Army warns of strong response to any further attack by PTI protesters

Centre calls in Army to quell violence in Islamabad, Punjab, KP.

ISLAMABAD    –    Pakistan Army Wednes­day said that May 9 will be remembered as a ‘Black Chapter’ in the country’s history be­cause of the violent and deadly protests by Pa­kistan Tehreek-e-Isnaf (PTI) party following the arrest of its Chair­man Imran Khan on corruption charges.

The Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Directorate in a press release said that the protests that took place following the arrest of PTI Chairman Imran Khan specifically tar­geted army property and its installations.

In the strongly-word­ed statement, the ISPR said that no one would be allowed to take the law into their hands as it termed the arrest of Imran Khan from the Is­lamabad High Court as per law. The ISPR high­lighted that the after­math of Imran Khan’s arrest witnessed a wave of attacks on the army’s properties and instal­lations, accompanied by anti-army slogans by the activists. It con­demned these actions and expressed its con­cerns regarding the tac­tics being employed by certain elements within the protesting groups.

“The thing that the eternal enemies of the country could not do in the last 75 years has been done by a pow­er-hungry faction in the garb of political attire,” said the ISPR statement. It criticised the protest­ers, describing their ac­tions as an attempt to manipulate the nation’s sentiments for their own limited and selfish objectives. It further accused them of deceiving the people by simultaneously highlighting the importance of the army. “On one hand, these criminal elements exploit the pub­lic sentiment for their limited and self-serving objectives and on the other continue harping the importance of the army for the country which can best be described as hypocrisy,” said the statement.


The ISPR denounced the contradicting stance taken by those involved in the protests as it emphasised the significance of maintaining law and order, highlighting the need to respect the institutions of the country. The statement also added that the Army demonstrated extreme tolerance, patience, and re­straint and has shown utmost patience and endurance in the best interests of the country, putting their own reputation at stake even. “As per strategy, a situation was created to invite the army’s response for nefarious political purposes which was thwarted by the Army’s prudent strategy,” it added. “We are well aware that behind this, there were some orders, instruc­tions, and complete planning of some leaders of the party.”

The ISPR warned that those who were involved in facilitat­ing, planning and political instigation have been identified, and strict action will be taken against them according to the law, adding that all rogue elements will face the consequenc­es. “In the event of any further attack on military and state installations and properties, including all law-enforcement agencies and state institutions, the military, along with all the law-enforcement agencies, will respond with strong and de­cisive action, and the complete responsibility will lie with the ‘group’ that intends to drag Pakistan into a civil war and has already expressed it multiple times,” it said. The statement emphasised that no one would be allowed to incite the public or take the law into their own hands.

The statement from the ISPR came amidst an escalating tension between the political party and the establishment in the wake of Imran Khan’s arrest. The government’s decision to nab the PTI Chairman has been met with mixed reaction, also resulting in protests across Pakistan. The demonstra­tions witnessed clashes between protestors and the law-en­forcement agencies, leading to property damage and disrup­tions in several areas.


The government approved the deployment of Army in Punjab on the request of the provincial Home Department. According to a notification issued by the Interior Ministry in this regard, the services of ten companies of Pakistan Army were handed over to Punjab government. The Army will assist the district administrations to maintain law and order across the province.

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