Woman Reminds Everyone That Childfree People Also Have Families After Being Asked To Give Up Her Holiday For A Coworker That Has Kids

Recently, TikToker Callie who goes by the handle @_cal_cifer shared a video that sparked a heated debate on the internet.

In a short video, Callie said parents should not expect to be given priority when taking holidays just because they don’t have kids. “No, No!” the woman said in response to a comment from a follower who said that parents should get annual leave first, especially during the school holidays.

Scroll down to find out Callie’s point of view, and let us know your thoughts about it in the comment section below!

TikToker Callie sparked a heated discussion stating how it’s unfair that parents get priority in taking annual leave just because they have kids

Image credits: _cal_cifer

This video Callie shared on her TikTok channel took the internet by storm

@_cal_cifer Replying to @mymichaelryan Oh well so sad, bye rocco….. #childfreebychoice #childfreetiktok #childfreemillennial #entitledparents #workhorrorstory #badbosses #pto #vacation ♬ original sound – Callie

To find out an expert’s opinion on this controversial debate, Bored Panda reached out to Christine Mitterbauer, a licensed career and life coach, and serial entrepreneur who agreed that “this is a difficult one.”

“I am a parent myself, but in my opinion, whoever is the most organized and schedules the time off first, should get the holiday,” she said.

Mitterbauer argues that “an employee without children might have just as valid reasons for wanting the same week off as another employee with children.”

Moreover, “Parents get enough notice about when the school holidays are, so there’s no excuse not to plan ahead,” the career coach concluded.

Many people supported Callie’s point of view

Some people, on the other hand, disagreed with the author and shared what they think about the case

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