Pavail Gulati, Saiyami Kher starrer Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari’s directorial series hits straight into the heart

Director: Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari

Star cast: Pavail Gulati, Saiyami Kher, Abhilash Thapliyal and others

Where to watch: Sony Liv

Ratings: 4 stars 

Faadu A Love Story synopsis: An over-ambitious man Abhay Dubey embarks on a journey to success. Little did he knows, his dreams start choking him up, poisoning his life, and cracking the relationship he values the most.  

Faadu A Love Story Review: We have heard stories about how ambition or dreams kill reality. Time and again, we have witnessed the journey of such selfish characters, who chase blindly their aspirations, and in that course, they tend to lose more than gain. Faadu is also a story about an intelligent, rebellious, ambitious, bluntly frank, selfish guy Abhay Dubey (Pavail Gulati) who wants to rise higher than his limits. A slum boy from Kanjurmarg embarks on a self-destroying journey to reach the heights of a high-rise. But, while chasing his dreams, he tends to let go and ignore the people who are closest to him. 

The 11-episodic series might feel a bit long. But after the end of the 5th episode, you will be more than interested to know how Abhay bridges the gap between his dreams and reality. Abhay is over-ambitious and practical, but he is a man of values. With time, he compromises with his beliefs, but he still lives with a belief in giving a luxurious life to his family. Abhay is someone who hates a cool life. According to him “Zindagi cool nahi g***d faad honi chaiye.” His journey from rags to riches will keep you intrigued and even inspire you to some extent. The jugaadu, over-thinker Abhay meets a simple, self-contained, down-to-earth girl Manjiri (Saiyami Kher). They are completely opposite to each other. They are odds, but they form a love story that is touching and thought-provoking at the same time. 

Faadu isn’t just a ‘love story.’ It is a journey of three individuals, who manages to overcome different challenges of life and become better person. Director Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari should be applauded as she takes us through a journey of life in an honest manner. Hands down to her conviction, she shot the series in the real location of Mumbai slums. Tiwari has made sure that every character in the series will leave an impression. Be it the B-Grade film producer Ratan, or Abhay’s childhood friend, head constable Tukkaram (Deepak Sampat).  


Pavail Gulati as Abhay Dubey in Faadu

There are various scenes in the series where the characters make a strong point, and it forces you to think about the challenges in life from different perspectives. Abhay starts his journey with crime, but he went on to win the World through his intelligence. That journey itself is interesting. Ashwiny should pat herself, and the team of writers for Faadu. 

Speaking about the performances, Pavail, Saiyami and Abhilash are a terrific trio on the screen. All three of them shined in their respective part. Pavail was the lead character of the show, so his contribution was expected to be good. But he exceeds expectations. There are scenes in which he has to mouth monologues. You should notice, how convincingly he nailed those scenes. Saiyami is such an outstanding performer. OTT has given the perfect platform for talent like her to shine. Kher’s Manjiri is a self-righteous girl, who doesn’t compromise on her core values. Kher will make you fall in love with the sensibility she projects on the screen. Literally, you will feel the need for a life partner like Manjiri. Abhilash is such a discovery. His character of Abhay’s brother Roxy will become the most-loved character in the series. Roxy is an alcoholic who considers himself a loser. But even he goes through a journey that will leave you inspired. 

Talking about the shortcomings, the series does test your patience, especially after 2nd episode, but the series goes on an upward trend from 5th one, and it will keep you interested till the end. 

Faadu final verdict: Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari’s web show teaches us about life, in the most entertaining manner. Don’t miss it at any cost.

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