Photo of Andy Lee and girlfriend Rebecca Harding sparks engagement questions

A sweet snap of Aussie comedian Andy Lee with his long-term influencer girlfriend Rebecca Harding his been bombarded with comments from fans demanding to know why they aren’t engaged.

Lee posted the selfie of the pair with their faces pressed together, captioning the image:

“New York City. 2023 – to 2014.”

The post contained two snaps, one smiling together in 2023 and one beaming in 2014 – just typical cute and slightly cringe couple stuff.

Interestingly the post was inundated with people demanding to know why the hot couple haven’t gotten hitched.

One commented, “Got to be a ring there!” Another commented, “Propose already, Ando!”

Someone chimed in with, “I was expecting an engagement post.”

While another fan added: “If you like it, then you better put a ring on it.”

One person even had the gall to question why Lee was “holding back” on a proposal, with someone else commenting they were “disappointed” it wasn’t an engagement announcement.

Andy famously met Rebecca when she was just twenty-four and waitressing in Melbourne. Andy rocked up to the cafe and they’ve been together ever since – awww.

The couple have been fobbing off engagement rumours for years, the two live together, have renovated together and co-own an adorable dog together but have yet to make any official announcements.

This starkly contrasts to Andy’s long-term comedy partner Hamish Blake who married writer and beauty guru Zoe Foster-Blake in a lavish ceremony after just three years together.

The power couple has since gone on to have two children and share plenty of sweet snaps of their family together.

However, Andy and Rebecca have decided to push back against the traditional route and have yet to get obsessed by wedding planning.

Andy even explained to Stellar that getting married wasn’t a huge priority for the couple.

“Some people find those milestones [like marriage] super important in their lives. But they’re not for everyone,” he explained.

The pair are definitely not the first celebrity couple not to get married but stay together.

Oprah, for instance, isn’t married to her partner Stedman and they’ve been together for over two decades.

Rose Byrne hasn’t tied the knot with Bobby Cannavale, and they have two kids together and have almost been together for a decade.

While Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are yet to say I do – they’ve been together for over a decade and have two daughters.

Even Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell haven’t signed any paperwork to declare their relationship, and they’ve been dating for almost forty years.

So while fans are eager for Andy to “put a ring on it”, they might be waiting awhile if the two decide to follow in the footsteps of Goldie and Kurt.

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