“Mad Lads”: 45 Times People Tried Acting Like Absolute Rebels And Got Hilarious Results (New Pics)

Legends, rebels, absolute maniacs, or whatever you want to call them, some people were born to live on the edge. To embrace a World without order, to flirt with danger, and to go completely off the rails, blaring, “Chaos is my middle name!” These are the madmen who are brave enough to eat cereal with ice cream. Who feel like going to a bar to grab a pint of water — and do it. Who borrow a pen from the teacher and, dare I say it… never return it.

Welcome to the ‘Mad Lads’ universe where people poke fun at the “maddest” heroes on Reddit. The 1.7-million-strong online group is dedicated to “those bantasaurus rexes who can’t be contained,” allowing us to laugh at their hilarious results. Thanks to this amusing community, we get to see a hilariously entertaining collection of the best “power moves” that turned out to be not as extreme as the lads believed them to be.

Below, we’ve gathered some of the best posts from the group to share with you, so continue scrolling! Be sure to upvote the most ridiculous ones, tell us which were your favorites in the comments, and and don’t miss the chat we had about the phenomenon with licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Jesse Matthews.

Psst! Check out even more hilarious examples from previous Bored Panda pieces on this feature right here and here.

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