Prince Harry Spare: Harry downs tequila shots with Stephen Colbert in TV interview

Prince Harry celebrated the launch of his explosive memoir, Spare, by downing some tequila shots with US talk show host Stephen Colbert.

The Duke of Sussex, who has given numerous interviews to promote his ghostwritten book, made an appearance on The Late Show in New York City, Fox News reports.

The royal was photographed downing the shots served by the TV host.

Studio guests told the UK’s Daily Mail that the 38-year-old participated in a quiz where he answered lighthearted questions, such as his favourite sandwich and phone app.

“Presumably members of the royal family would also benefit from a shot or two of tequila ahead of another interview where he will undoubtedly be trashing his family,” royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams told Fox News Digital.

Colbert previously teased the interview, which aired on Tuesday, the same day the memoir hit bookshelves.

“I’ve read the book – it’s very enjoyable, quite emotional, quite revealing,” said Colbert, 58. “I’m going to have so much to talk about with his Harryness. For instance, the stuff he talked about with Anderson Cooper, including this high school memory between him and his brother that’s straight out of the older brother/sibling playbook.”

Colbert was referring to Harry’s account where he described how Prince William allegedly told his brother to pretend he didn’t know him when they were both at Eton. William, 40, the heir to the British throne, would have been a teen at the time.

“That’s heartbreaking,” Colbert said. “I mean, to be rejected by his older brother at school even though that magic hat sorted them into the same house.”

“What do you think?” he told the audience. “Hufflepuff? Gryffindor? I’m not sure.”

Media tour to create ‘specific public image’

Harry has been on a media tour to promote his book. On Sunday, he appeared on ITV and CBS’ 60 Minutes for two separate sit-downs, followed by Good Morning America on Monday. He’s also on the cover of People magazine.

Royal commentator Jonathan Sacerdoti told Fox News Digital that Harry is doing many more interviews in the US in hopes of “creating a specific public image”.

“His reputation is suffering enormously in the UK, but also to some extent in America, as a result of the leaks from his book,” Sacerdoti said.

“So much of it has been mocked and criticised already even before it went on sale today.

“Colbert’s show is by nature far more lighthearted than his other media appearances have been so far, so I expect his people wanted him to show a lighter side of his personality,” Sacerdoti said.

“He was once known as a fun-loving prince with a great sense of humour, which has not been on display in his recent media appearances at all. I imagine the Colbert interview was intended to allow that side of him to be shown again, after the endless stories of angst and conspiracies about the press and his family conspiring to destroy him and [wife] Meghan. It might work, especially on younger viewers who haven’t been as engaged in the wall-to-wall coverage he’s had so far.

“In the other interviews, and in the book itself, he comes across as rather boring and obsessive, as well of course as very damaged and deeply emotionally wounded by his life experience,” he said.

“So the drinking on-set and lighthearted nature of an interview with a comedian may be intended to counter that dour image.”

The book’s revelations and accusations have already been splashed across the world. In it, Harry detailed losing his mother Princess Diana, his rift with William, 40, and his frustration over the role of “spare” in the shadow of his elder sibling.

He slammed the UK tabloids for coverage he considered prurient, intrusive and sometimes plain wrong. He also made several shocking allegations, even accusing some members of the royal family, including Camilla, of leaking stories to the media to burnish their own reputations.

Buckingham Palace officials have declined to comment on any of the allegations. A spokesperson for King Charles III didn’t immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.

A spokesperson for Kensington Palace, which represents the Prince and Princess of Wales, told Fox News Digital they don’t have a comment. Allies of the royal family have pushed back on Harry’s claims, largely anonymously.

Spare is the latest in a string of public pronouncements by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex since they quit royal life in 2020. At the time, they cited what they saw as the media’s racist treatment of the Duchess, 41, and a lack of support from the palace.

Harry’s exposure of bitter divides inside the House of Windsor – alongside details of his mental health struggles, experiences with sex and drugs and decade-long military career – has generated reams of media coverage. The book is expected to be one of the year’s biggest sellers.

Spare accidentally went on sale early in Spain, which sparked an onslaught of leaks and excerpts published by numerous outlets. Some have wondered if there’s anything new left to share.

Retail worker Caroline Lennon arrived at 6am Tuesday at a central London bookstore to await its opening.

“I did expect a queue,” she told Associated Press. “Unfortunately, there’s no queue. I’m just by myself. I want to read [it] because I like the royal family and I don’t care what anybody says. People will criticise that. I don’t care because I like the royal family, and I like Harry and Meghan.”

‘Odd choice’ for Harry interview

Royal author Christopher Andersen, who recently wrote a book about the King, told Fox News Digital that it was an odd choice for Harry to do tequila shots during his interview with Colbert.

In Spare, Harry described how he drank heavily and used drugs to cope with the loss of his mother. However, Andersen isn’t surprised that Harry is trying his hand at a late-night appearance.

“Colbert is always playful with his guests and will undoubtedly wring plenty of laughs out of the segment,” Andersen said.

“But he’s also an incredibly deft interviewer who isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions. Frankly, since Harry’s already made the calculated decision not to hold back, I think he’s smart to do Colbert.

“For starters, Colbert’s audience will almost certainly be sympathetic – no one will be booing him the way they booed William and [his wife] Kate in Boston,” Andersen said.

“Second, Colbert has a way of getting people to talk frankly without going for the jugular. He’ll coax some headline-making revelations out of the Duke of Sussex, without a doubt.”

While the appearance will certainly draw more attention to Spare, Andersen wondered how far Harry is willing to go to promote his book.

“If he hosts Saturday Night Live, that will be too far,” he said.

“With each appearance, Harry walks a tightrope, trying to garner public support but at the same time running the risk of saying that one last thing that will push King Charles over the edge. Keep in mind that Charles, like the Queen before him, is really the only one who counts right now. He has what Diana used to call the ‘top job’.

“The monarch calls the shots, and, for instance, if he decides Harry has crossed the line in a way that cannot be tolerated, he will take action.”

“He could decide not to invite the Sussexes to the coronation in May or strip them of their royal status entirely,” Andersen said.

Harry told People magazine he wanted his children, Archie, 3, and Lilibet, 1, to have a relationship with the royal family. Fitzwilliams wondered how a reconciliation would even be possible at this point.

“The issue of Archie and Lili – and whether they see their royal cousins and if so, when – is another imponderable in this destructive circus,” he said.

“Under the protocols laid down by George V in 1917, they should automatically be given HRHs, but it is up to the new monarch. This surely cannot happen now and not only because of a ‘slimmed down’ monarchy.”

This article originally appeared on Fox News and has been reproduced here with permission

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