Ram Charan breaks silence on nepotism, says ‘ if I was a normal person, I would not…’

RRR has been making headlines ever for good reasons, it made the whole country proud when it won at the Oscars 2023 for the song Naatu Naatu. The cast of the film recently came back to India after having busy media interactions in the US.

In a recent interview, Ram Charan opened up on nepotism and said that ‘this is herd mentality’. While speaking at India Today conclave, the RRR actor said, “this is herd mentality. This topic is driven by a herd or rather an individual who feels like this. I am inclined towards acting. I was breathing cinema, meeting the producers. Now, if you call that getting a better chance, I don’t know. But, I was in a film school ever since I was born, so I know the art. And every other artist who is successful here, only the talent speaks.”

He further mentioned, “I would not have sustained for 14 years if I was not doing something good for myself. My dad, maybe, was a good stepping stone, but after that we do have to continue the journey. If I was a normal person, I would not spend Rs 100 or Rs 500 outside the theatre just because he is somebody’s son.”

Ram Charan mentioned, “On the first day, I wished he gives that one formula. But, he said ‘This is the first day. Take care of your team, they are always next to you. If they start talking about you, it’s over for your career.”

After the awards night, the Oscars 2023 producer Raj Kapoor said that the two superstars were initially supposed to perform but later backed out as they “did not feel comfortable” performing live on the stage. However, in his latest interview, Ram Charan has seemingly denied these claims.

Speaking at India Today Conclave last evening, Charan said, “I was ready. I was 100 percent ready to get that call. But I don’t know what happened. The troupe did a better job than us. We have done that for so many interviews. It is now time for us to relax.”

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