Rebel Wilson promoting Dubai and releasing size exclusive $500 tracksuit shows she’s out of touch

Australia’s darling Rebel Wilson is out of touch. I hate saying this because I adore this woman, but she’s making some bad choices and someone needs to say it.

It all started in 2022. Yes, I’m talking BC (Before Michael Clarke was in Noosa getting accused of being a cheater while not wearing a shirt at night).

Wilson went viral when she launched a clothing line. That is fine, celebrities love putting their name on stuff, and as someone who bought The Veronica’s clothing range at Target in the early 2000s – I can’t say I’m against it.

However, Rebel didn’t make the clothing line plus-size friendly. It was a weird choice because, as a former plus-size woman, you’d think she understood how important size inclusive clothing is. Yes, Rebel we know you’ve had your year of health but there’s no need to forget your curvy roots.

Typically, I don’t expect celebrities to ever be thoughtful in their approach to well anything, but Rebel should have got it because she used to get it.

In 2017, she told Cosmopolitan: “The plus-size market is really under-served. I know there are women out there [who] are always looking for the types of clothes I wear.”

Cut to 2022, and she’s selling a tracksuit that costs $500 and it only goes up only goes up to an XL. So, basically she’s selling an outfit that her old self wouldn’t even fit into.

This brings me to the price. Look, I expect some celebrities to throw their name on something and charge through the roof. If Gwyneth Paltrow did this, I wouldn’t even blink. The woman sells candles that smell like her own vagina and is the definition of an out-of-touch Hollywood lady.

But, I was surprised Wilson, Australia’s hilarious Wilson, would be selling such a fancy tracksuit when we are currently in a cost-of-living crisis. It just seemed a bit off, like she hadn’t quite read the room on any level before she launched her tracksuit range.

Still, we all make mistakes, I used to think a side fringe made me look complicated.

But now Wilson’s back in hot water before the Australian Open has even wrapped – it is that early in 2023.

People are mad because Rebel took to Instagram to post a tone-deaf endorsement of a fancy holiday in Dubai that featured a performance by Beyoncé.

Wilson stayed at the fancy new hotel with her partner Ramona Agruma and then took to Instagram to promote holidaying in Dubai. She wasn’t the only Australian star there, Sonia Kruger was also sauntering around.

For Rebel this is a particularly strange choice, considering she’s in a same-sex relationship and homosexuality in Dubai remains punishable by death. However, that didn’t stop Rebel from swanning around with her girlfriend and attending opening ceremonies – something about this feels very White Lotus – you know rich people living careless lives.

This won’t surprise you, but the pile on was swift. People were outraged that she’d promote a holiday somewhere that is unsafe for queer people. Sure, maybe her celebrity privilege makes her feel safe, but she shouldn’t be endorsing it to her 11 million followers.

No one likes being at the bottom of a pile-on, so I feel sorry for Rebel in that regard, but her choices scream that she’s forgotten who her audience is. She’s behaving more like a Paltrow than a fair dinkum Aussie.

People love Rebel because she’s funny, witty and down to earth. Holidaying in Dubai and launching a size exclusive $500 tracksuit line just feels like she hasn’t just forgotten her audience, but she’s forgotten who she is.

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