Rebel Wilson’s girlfriend Ramona Agruma’s family don’t approve

Rebel Wilson has admitted that her girlfriend’s family hasn’t been very “accepting” of the pair’s relationship.

The Aussie actress took her romance with partner Ramona Agruma public in June 2022. But since announcing their love to the world, Wilson admits it’s been a challenge getting Agruma’s family to come around to the idea, Page Six reports.

“My whole family has just been amazing,” the 42-year-old said on the podcast Life Uncut.

“Ramona’s family hasn’t been as accepting. And so in many respects, it has been a lot harder on her to have to make the news public.”

“With her, she’s not in the public eye – it’s much harder on her. It’s so sad to see what happened with her family over it. Hopefully, people will change their attitude about things,” Wilson told hosts Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne.

The Pitch Perfect actress came out in June 2022, simultaneously announcing that she was in a relationship with Agruma, 38.

“I thought I was searching for a Disney Prince … but maybe what I really needed all this time was a Disney Princess,” she wrote in a heartfelt Instagram post at the time.

The pair has packed on the PDA and travelled the World together since taking their love public.

Their love was made sweeter when Wilson welcomed her first child via surrogacy in November.

Announcing daughter Royce’s arrival, Wilson revealed that having a family of her own was a longtime dream of hers.

“Beyond proud to announce the birth of my first child, Royce Lillian, born this past week via surrogate. I can’t even describe the love I have for her, she’s a beautiful miracle,” she wrote at the time.

Wilson said she will be “forever grateful” to everyone involved in helping her become a mother, and praised her “gorgeous surrogate who carried [Royce] and birthed her with such grace and care”.

“Thank you for helping me start my own family, it’s an amazing gift. The BEST gift!” Wilson concluded. “I am ready to give little Roycie all the love imaginable. I am learning quickly … much respect to all the mums out there! Proud to be in your club.”

The Bridesmaids actress had been open about her fertility struggles and even shared that her significant weight loss was to improve her chances of conceiving a baby.

“That’s kind of what started it, that if I lost some excess weight that it would give me a better chance for freezing eggs and having the eggs be a better quality,” she said during an Instagram Live in July 2021. “It wasn’t even really myself, it was more thinking of a future mini-me, really.”

This story originally appeared on Page Six and is republished here with permission

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