Abdu Rozik-Sajid Khan call Manya Singh most ‘boring’ contestant

Bigg Boss 16 Day 15 Written Updates: Abdu Rozik-Sajid Khan named Manya Singh the most ‘boring’ contestant because of her ‘boring jokes’. On Sunday’s episode, BB16 contestant MC Stan, Nimrit Kaur, MC Stan, Archana Gautam, Sajid Khan, Abdu Rozik, and Shiv Thakare were seen avoiding Manya because she was telling her jokes to everyone.

When Shekhar Suman entered Bigg Boss house, he asked Abdu and Sajid to rate Ankit Gupta on the basis of his body, they gave him 5 stars. Abdu and Sajid gave 100 stars to Archana for her ‘adrak wali chai’, 3 stars to Gautam and 5 stars to Nimrit for their captaincy. On being asked about Shiv Thakare’s body, Abdu gave 6 stars. On being asked about the most boring contestant, they said Manya Singh.

Later, Shekhar Suman called Nimir Kaur and Shiv Thakare and asked a few questions to them. The questions were basically asked by the Bigg Boss viewers. One of the Bigg Boss viewers asked Nimrit that she always talks about the group but every time on being asked she denies it. Nimrit replied that she believes in playing solo and is not part of any group. However, other housemates didn’t agree with her. Especially, Priyanka pointed out that if she is not part of any group then why she told Gautam to include Manya in their group?

Meanwhile, Manya confessed that she has feelings for Gautam. She told Nimrit that Soundarya is not as sweet as she looks and that Gautam needs to know this. Nimrit asked her to convey this to Gautam. She replied he knows that I like him so he will think I am jealous of Soundarya.

Later, MC Stan and Gori got into an argument with Priyanka after asking them to do their duties properly. Tina Datta was also irritated and was seen talking to MC Stan about the same. MC Stan told her that he will not let Priyanka become captain of the house.

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