Salman Khan bashes Priyanka Choudhary for not supporting Archana Gautam in fight with Sajid Khan

As Bigg Boss 16 heads towards the weekend, Salman Khan is back again for the Weekend Ka Vaar to share his comments on how the contestants have played the game through the week. As per the new promo shared by Colors TV on their social media channels, the Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan star will be seen bashing Priyanka Chaudhary for not supporting Archana Gautam in the latter’s fight with the filmmaker Sajid Khan. 

On Wednesday, during the task for the weekly ration in the house, Sajid taunted Archana by saying that she had to beg to come back to the show as the actress-politician was removed for her violent behaviour towards Shiv Thakare and was later brought back in the house as Salman reprimanded Shiv for provoking Archana.

When a verbal spat happened between Sajid and Archana in the episode telecast on November 23, the former said, “Hakale jaane wale logon ko lagta hai unka baap chalata hai show (The people who get thrown out of the house think their fathers run the show), to which she replied, “If my father was this rich he would have owned the show. Why don’t you ask your father if he wishes to run the house”. This led to both of them losing their calm and getting into a verbal spat with each other. All the housemates took the director’s side and accused the actress of provoking him.

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In the latest promo for Shukravaar Ka Vaar, Salman will be seen talking about this issue and questioning Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary for not supporting Archana in her fight with Sajid. In the video, the host can be seen asking the Udaariyaan actress to recall one incident in the house this week where she had supported her friend Archana. Priyanka replied that she talks to Sajid and asks him to not lose his temper when Archana pokes him. 

Then, Salman further states that this doesn’t mean that you are supporting Archana, to which Choudhary replies she doesn’t support Archana as she keeps using foul language against her. In the latter part of the video, Salman bashes Priyanka as he reveals that she takes part in gossiping with Archana in private, but when the latter speaks against other housemates in front of everyone, the Udaariyaan actress doesn’t even attempt to stop her.

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