Throwback to when late actress spoke about Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide

Sasural Simar ka actress Vaishali Takkar left the World after committing suicide on Sunday. The actress was found dead at her Indore home in the morning. A suicide note has also been recovered from her phone, said police.

Very few people know that Vaishali Takkar was very close to the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput whose death was also mysterious. For the unversed, the Chhichhore actor was found dead on June 14 in Mumbai. As per India Today, while talking about SSR, the late actress stated, “After people started saying that he was murdered look at the marks on his body and all, I also started seeing those pics closely and found something is fishy. Initially, movie mafia was alleged for all this but now Rhea’s truth is also coming out.”

On being asked if Rhea Chakraborty was behind SSR’s death, Vaishali stated, “I feel it’s a teamwork. It’s not just one person who has done this. I don’t know how long the trail is but definitely there are more people involved. I also think that the real culprits are hiding behind Rhea. She is definitely responsible for pushing him at the edge, that people are easily believing that he committed suicide.”

Meanwhile, as per ANI report, a suicide note has been found which points out that she was harassed by her neighbour. “TV actress Vaishali Thakkar, committed suicide by hanging herself at her residence in Sai Bagh Colony, under Tejaji police station limits in Indore, an official said on Sunday. A suicide note was also recovered from the spot that suggests that she was stressed and was being harassed by her neighbour, Businessman, Rahul Navlani.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Moti ur Rehman told ANI,” Rahul was Viashali’s neighbour and the suicide note indicates that he used to harass Vaishali, because of which she took such an extreme step. She was about to get married to another man and Rahul troubled her for that. The police are currently investigating the case.”

“Rahul is currently not at his residence and has fled after locking his house. Police are currently locating Rahul, after that he will be questioned,” ACP Rehman added. Rahul Navlani was already married.

“Her (TV actor Vaishali Takkar) e-gadgets will be probed. Her neighbour Rahul harassed her, because of whom she took this extreme step. Her diary will be probed because her neighbour Rahul Navlani harassed her. She was about to get married to another man, but he hindered that too. Rahul is absconding; search on to nab him,” ACP said. (With inputs from ANI)

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