Russians Hit Ukrainian Hospital as Both Sides Step Up Long-Range Strikes – Latest trending news

“Only an evil state can fight against clinics,” Mr. Zelensky wrote on Twitter. “There can be no military purpose in this. It is pure terror.”

Russia’s defense ministry told state media that it had struck Ukrainian ammunition depots.

The city of Dnipro is a hub for Ukrainian soldiers wounded in battle, usually a first stop before they are transported to hospitals in other parts of the country. It was not clear if any Ukrainian soldiers were being treated at the facility that was hit on Friday.

“It was a really difficult night,” said Serhii Lysak, head of the Dnipro regional government. One of the people killed, he said, was a 69-year-old man who was “just passing by” when the hospital was hit.

From the start of President Vladimir V. Putin’s full-scale invasion 15 months ago, Russia has used its advantage in weaponry to bombard civilian targets throughout Ukraine, like hospitals, schools and power plants, which is considered a war crime. At first the long-range strikes were entirely one-sided and largely unimpeded.

But as Ukraine’s military has gained experience and obtained a growing array of Western weapons, it has become more adept at intercepting such Russian attacks, and more capable of responding in kind.

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