Sarah Jessica Parker teases ‘amazing’ storyline coming up on And Just Like That

Sarah Jessica Parker is “so happy” to be working with John Corbett again.

Sarah Jessica Parker teases upcoming storyline on And Just Like That

Sarah Jessica Parker teases upcoming storyline on And Just Like That

The 57-year-old actress starred alongside John when she was playing columnist Carrie Bradshaw on the hit show ‘Sex and the City’ in the 1990s and he arrived to play her long-term boyfriend Aidan Shaw, but he has now returned to the part in the sequel series ‘And Just Like That’ in what she has called an “amazing storyline.”

She said: “It’s so nice. It’s so happy… He brings a lot of joy. He’s a kind of preternaturally happy person and he’s so excited to be back and it’s an amazing storyline that Michael and the writers have sorted out and I think will be really meaningful to the audience who feel a lot of affection for him.”

The ‘Hocus Pocus’ star went on to tease that while she “cannot say anything” about the upcoming episodes but explained that the plot will be “happy and fun” as she reminisced on the 15 years together since they worked together.

She told ExtraTV: “I can’t say anything except, it’s just really great to be in his company again and to have a storyline that is also happy and fun and familiar, but new because it’s been 10, 15 some years!”

Towards the end of last year, Sarah joked that she “couldn’t be cryptic” about her former co-star’s return any longer before explaining that the second season of ‘And Just Like That’ – which is slated for release in the summer of 2023 – would be about the “resilience” found amid grief.

She said: “Could be, could be. Well, you know, I can’t be like, cryptic about it anymore. is about resilience and rebound and laughter, and finding laughter more easily for people who might have experienced grief.”

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