Scared of Wearing Sarees During Winter? Follow These Draping Styles To Beat The Chills

Winter isn’t the ideal time for saree lovers. Why? Because the chilly weather often keeps them away from donning the six-yard of grace. However, a new twist to the style of saree-draping will not only keep you warm but also make you stand out at weddings among a sea of Anarkali suits and gowns.

We’ve compiled a list of all the clever ways you can look stylish and stunning this winter while wearing your favourite saree.

Going for the most traditional way, you can add shawls which complement the attire. They are the most dependable way to keep you warm. You can coordinate your shawl/stole with the colour of your saree. Not only that, but you can also play around with different types, fabrics, and patterns. If your saree doesn’t have much glitz, opt for a traditional Kashmiri pashmina or a sequined one. So, go ahead and shine!

Jackets are typically worn with sweaters, tops and dresses. But guess what? You can do the same with ethnic suits and sarees nowadays, and there are numerous options. Try a waist-length jacket or a trench coat instead of a blouse. All you need to remember is that the jacket should match your saree. Pairing your saree with a contrasting or similar coloured velvet or silk jacket, or even a Nehru jacket, will give it a distinct and sophisticated look.

Do not settle for ordinary jackets. Experiment with wearing silk coats with your saree. For a cocktail party, try a silk long coat for an effortlessly stylish look. Not only that, but you can also add a royal touch to your coat by wearing an elegant pashmina shawl with it.

What about a woollen turtleneck blouse? Combine any of your turtle-neck sweaters with your favourite saree. When pairing woollen blouses with sarees, go for contrast. You can wear your magenta turtleneck sweater with a powder pink saree or your gold turtleneck with a black turtleneck.

Team up your palazzo-saree with a petticoat or inner skirt. You can wear warm leggings or pants underneath. This will give you a Grecian look while also helping you beat the chill. Pair them with elegant plums to complete the look.

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