Sheezan Khan’s sister reveals impact of his arrest on family, says ‘he has gone through…’

Shezaan Khan who was arrested for allegedly abetting the suicide of Tunisha Sharma got bail after almost 2 months of custody. As he walked out of the jail, his family got emotional as they hugged the actor. While the case still goes on, Shezaan Khan’s sister Shafaq Naaz talked about how the actor’s arrest affected them and shared that her brother went through a tough time.

In a conversation with Indian Express, Shafaq Naaz revealed her feelings when Shezaan Khan got bail and said, “It was such a long wait and we had been waiting to have him with us. Just the fact that we could touch him, and hug him meant so much to us. All these while when we visited him, we could only see him across a glass window and speak through an intercom. At that moment, everything just went blurry and all I wanted was to bring him back home,”

The actress also revealed how all of this impacted his brother and family and said, “Honestly, for all of us the World stopped on December 24. I think the World has moved on but we haven’t. As for Sheezan, he has gone through the worst. I don’t think he even got the time to process things as everything happened in such a jiffy. He was also away from all of us in that jail. But he’s such a strong boy who dealt with everything patiently. It has taken a toll on him but he is standing strong and is at peace right now at home. Hum sab ne bohot sabr kiya, aur upar wale ka shukar hai ke woh aaj humare sath hai (It’s the fruits of our perseverance that he is back with us today).”

Tunisha Sharma reportedly committed suicide on 24th December 2022 on the set of her show ‘Ali Baba Dastaan-E-Kabul’ and her mother who filed a case against Sheezan Khan claimed that her daughter was under stress because of him. Sheezan and Tunisha broke their relationship just 15 days before the actress committed suicide.

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