SS Rajamouli explains difference between Hindu religion and Hindu dharma

SS Rajamouli is undoubtedly one of the most successful and sought-after filmmakers in India. After taking the national box office by storm with `Baahubali` 1 and 2, he broke his own record with the film RRR, which was released in theatres earlier this year. `RRR`, starring Jr NTR and Ram Charan in the lead is set in pre-independent India. The filmmaker is currently campaigning `RRR` for the Oscars. The team has applied to The Academy to consider the film in as many as 14 categories after India did not select the film as it`s an official entry for Oscars 2022. 

Recently, Rajamouli`s poet at the Beyond fest was held in Los Angeles as the festival is hosting a retrospective of his films. At the fest, Rajamouli whose films are rooted in Indian culture spoke about the difference between the Hindu religion and Hindu Dharma. “Many people think Hinduism is a religion, it is in the present context. But before Hinduism the religion, there existed Hinduism the dharma. It is a way of life, it is a philosophy. If you take the religion, I am also not a Hindu, but if you take the dharma, I am very much a Hindu. What I am portraying in the film is actually a way of life that has existed for many, many centuries and eons.”

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Further, referring to the climax of the film RRR where Ram Charan`s character if Alluri Aitrama Raju can be seen as a version of the Hindi God. He said that Raju recites a Sanskrit verse from the Bhagavad Gita. “You can look at it as something that Lord Krishna has told Arjuna, so it is a Hindu religion verse, but if you look at the meaning of it, it has been taught to Indians irrespective of caste and where they were born. It’s about how to look at life, and not look at the result of what you do. That is what Hindu dharma says. So, I am a follower of Hindu dharma,” he added.


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