Starship Criticized For ‘Favoring’ IVE Jang Wonyoung After ‘Kitsch’ Line Distribution – Latest trending news

Amid crazy support to IVE’s new song, “Kitsch,” the team and its agency Starship entertainment were embroiled in a rumor of “unfair” treatment to members, allegedly favoring Jang Wonyoung best among the sextet.

IVE is finally back, and as expected, the six-member group once again captured the hearts of K-pop fans and music listeners with its newly released track!

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Starship Criticized For ‘Favoring’ IVE Jang Wonyoung After ‘Kitsch’ Line Distribution

On March 27, the team dropped its pre-release song, “Kitsch” ahead of its official comeback in April. The song depicts the free, unexpected charm and elegance of IVE, enjoying their true selves without minding the negativity surrounding them.

At the same time of its release, the song has topped various major domestic music sites such as ranking #1 on MelOn Top 100 not to mention that IV recorded good results in various overseas charts as well.

As of the 28th, “Kitsch” is sitting atop the YouTube “Music Video Trending Worldwide” and already exceeded 9. 8 million views in 24 hours, In addition, it was honored to rank first in domestic youtube videos (as of 5 p.m. KST on March 28).

Meanwhile, IVE will make a comeback with its full-length album, “I’ve IVE” on April 10, including the pre-released song, “Kitsch.”

Starship entertainment Called Out For ‘Favoring’ Jang Wonyoung in ‘Kitsch’

While most DIVEs were focused on enjoying and streaming the new song, a lot of Korean fans were frustrated after the team’s line distribution for “Kitsch” was revealed.

Starship Criticized For 'Favoring' IVE Jang Wonyoung After 'Kitsch' Line Distribution

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Starship Criticized For ‘Favoring’ IVE Jang Wonyoung After ‘Kitsch’ Line Distribution

In online communities, a chart showing how the members’ parts in the song were allocated, was circulated among K-Netz and fans.

An Yujin has the most lines, getting 23.6 seconds of the song’s parts, followed by Gaeul with 22.6 secs. Jang Wonyoung then ranked third with 22 secs, while Rei ranked fourth (21 secs. Lastly, Leeseo and Liz ranked fifth and sixth with 19secs and 5.8 seconds, respectively.

Upon seeing this, fans and supporters particularly noticed that Liz’s lines were only about 6 secs not even 10. Compared to the members, she had the least, and it is truly shocking because she’s the main vocalist!

Starship Criticized For 'Favoring' IVE Jang Wonyoung After 'Kitsch' Line Distribution

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Starship Criticized For ‘Favoring’ IVE Jang Wonyoung After ‘Kitsch’ Line Distribution

Most of the time, the team’s line distribution depends on certain factors such as giving most parts to the member who suits the concept or sharing it depending on their designated position.

Yujin and Gaeul were the main dancers of the group, thus their parts, not to mention that they also understood the concept of “Kitsch” really well.

With this, Jang Wonyoung who got the third most part was accused of being favored best by Starship Entertainment. The female idol was neither the main rapper nor the main singer of the song, but she got more lines than the vocals of IVE.

However, DIVEs immediately defended Wonyoung and explained that her lines were due to her position of being the center of the group, emphasizing as well that Jang suits the concept best.

Is IVE Liz Sick? Here’s Why People are Concerned

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 IVE Liz 

Just then, some netters speculated that Starship entertainment gave more lines to Jang Wonyoung since she’s currently the most popular member, whom fans want to see the most.

Other web-users also claimed that Liz was being set aside by the agency after weight gain issues she has been facing since last year.

DIVEs Defend IVE Liz & Jang Wonyoung From People Criticizing Their Weight, Bodies

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In fact, ahead of the release of “Kitsch,” Liz was severely criticized for her said swollen face, netters then thinks that this could’ve been the only reason Starship did not give her more parts, implying that visual and skill-wise, no one can doubt the female star.

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