Sydney rent: Bachelor star Bella Varelis forced to leave apartment

A former Bachelor contestant is leaving her eastern Sydney apartment after her landlord allegedly jacked up her rent while neglecting to fix basic faults.

Bella Varelis, who was a finalist on Network 10’s eighth season of The Bachelor, claims she’s being forced from her two-bed one-bath Vaucluse apartment after her landlord increased the rent by $400 per week.

“Not moving out because I want to, but my owner never fixed anything in this place and then tried to put the rent up by $400 a week so it was a hard no for me,” the 28-year-old claimed in an Instagram story post on Sunday.

“The only good thing about this place was the view.

“The dishwasher was broken, fly screens were broken, top lock on the door was broken, oven had no symbols on the dials for temperature, the balcony door never closed properly.

“Was actually horrible but it served a purpose in my life for the last year,” wrote Ms Varelis in text over the video as she gives a brief tour of the unit.

Others can be seen in the video helping her pack up her belongings.

The property is now listed for rent on Domain, for $1150 per week, and is described as “quiet and airy and has been renovated to a high standard with modern finishes throughout, making it the perfect blend of comfort and style.”

The listing mentions the dishwasher, but makes no mention of it being broken.

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