Syra recalls Nooreh ‘on top of the world’ at Zahra’s birth

In August 2022, Sadaf Kanwal and Shahroz Sabzwari were blessed with their first child together, Zahra. Soon after her birth, wholesome videos and pictures of the two half-siblings Zahra and Nooreh went viral. In an hour-long interview, Syra revealed that her daughter always desired another sibling, and used to be envious of her peers having younger sisters and brothers.

“When Zahra was born, Nooreh was on top of the world,” said Syra in an interview with Fuchsia Magazine.

Syra also discussed the importance of having siblings, and her daughter’s desire to have one. “Everyone around her has siblings, all her friends, and you know Alishba has two kids too. So, she has seen siblings everywhere and she wanted one. It makes me very happy to see her that way.”

Additionally, she pointed out the necessity of keeping children out of familial disputes and not filling their innocent minds with negativity for others. “I don’t think children’s minds should be polluted, they are innocent and pure and that is how it should be.”

Earlier, Sadaf Kanwal had also conveyed her love for Nooreh, Shahroz’s first daughter from his previous marriage with Syra. In an Instagram video, Sadaf remarked that family time is even “more fun when Nooreh comes.”

Instilling positivity in relationship between step-siblings and exes has made Syra and Sadaf garner an appreciative spotlight in the media. Both of them are adored by fans due to their maturity and love for their children, regardless of the controversies that fostered during Syra and Shahroz’s split.

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