This Twitter Page Shares Photos Of ‘Effed Up Looking Hair’, And Here Are 40 Of The Most Hilarious Pics

A new hairstyle can either make or break your entire look. On the one hand, a quality haircut will leave you feeling fresh and on top of the world, like you could do anything you set your mind to. On the other hand, a haircut gone wrong can completely destroy your sense of confidence… or you might decide to just go with it and rock it in public.

(Un)fortunately, the World is filled to the brim with some truly hilarious and bizarre haircuts out there. Some of the very worst offenders to good taste end up being featured on the ‘[Effed] Up Looking Hair’ Twitter page. Scroll down to take a peek at what social media thinks are some of the strangest haircuts and hairstyles that you should probably avoid. (Though, we’re not gonna lie, a few of these hairstyles have mad drip, but would take an insane amount of confidence to pull off. Try to figure out which pics we genuinely thought were stylish!)

Just remember, Pandas: it’s not the people in the photos that the internet’s gently poking fun at; it’s their hair and only their hair. If you love your hairstyle, that’s awesome, no matter what it looks like. But be warned, some of these [cough] fashion decisions [cough] might make you facepalm and cringe way too hard.

We reached out to the founder of the ‘[Effed] Up Looking Hair,’ and they answered a few of our questions about the inspiration behind the account, why people enjoy looking at messed-up haircuts so much, and where the line between a good and an awful hairstyle lies. You’ll find Bored Panda’s interview with them below. Meanwhile, if you enjoy the type of photos the Twitter account posts, be sure to follow it.

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