Travis Scott Facing Possible Lawsuit After Being Accused Of Snatching And Throwing A Fan’s Phone At Their Head Right Before He Allegedly Assaulted A Sound Engineer

Travis Scott could find himself in more trouble after video footage of him snatching and throwing a fan’s phone at the Nebula nightclub in New York earlier this week has emerged online. A clip obtained by TMZ shows the “Highest In The Room” rapper bopping his head to the music behind the DJ booth before noticing he was being recorded by a fan standing a few feet away. Scott doesn’t even hesitate to reach out his arm and grab hold of the mobile device — what happened after that remains a mystery since the video cuts off, but sources say things only escalated from there.

Scott allegedly threw the phone at the fan’s head in retaliation, resulting in the cell phone’s screen cracking, which would indicate that the impact was rather forceful. It’s unclear whether the fan suffered any noticeable injuries, but according to the aforementioned news outlet, he has since hired an attorney and plans to file a police report along with a civil lawsuit over the incident.

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The fan further claimed that after allegedly being hit in the head with his own phone, staffers at Nebula had offered him a free alcoholic beverage, but the fan declined the offer because they clearly believe they were about to get much more from the upcoming lawsuit. The alleged phone-throwing altercation happened shortly before Scott was accused of punching a sound engineer in the face and damaging around $12,000 in equipment from the booth.

It’s believed that Scott and the engineer, who has simply been identified as Mark, had some sort of verbal altercation which led up to the rapper allegedly getting physical with him. No arrests were made at the scene, but the father of two, according to CBS New York, will be speaking with the New York Police Department next week about what transpired at the club.

Mark went on to speak with KTTV a day later, claiming that he had told Scott to turn down the volume because it was distorting the sound system at the club. That’s when Scott was alleged to have shown Mark the middle finger in response, prompting him to take matters into his own hands by lowering the music, which didn’t appear to have sat well with 30-year-old.

So I lowered the monitor a little bit so I could talk to him and that’s when he ran around the speaker and attacked me,” Mark said while recovering from his injury at a hospital. Doctors have reportedly been treating him after complaining of a wounded neck while his arms hadn’t stopped tingling since the alleged assault.

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A rep for Scott has vehemently denied the accusations made against their client, writing, “As anyone with common sense can see, the video that shows Travis DJ’ing in Nebula proves that the incident was nothing. All it shows that Travis’s performance was disrupted by someone aggressively in his personal space.”

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