TV celebs who courageously spoke about pregnancy struggle and multiple failed attempts at IVF

Namita Thapar

In an episode of Shark Tank India, judge Namita Thapar spoke about two failed attempts at infertility treatments. She explained how she could naturally conceive the first time. After her first pregnancy, she could not conceive for three to four years and hence opted for infertility treatment. However, both were unsuccessful. She said, ‘have gone through 2 infertility treatments and those 25 injections and the emotional and physical pain that I went through. Even the taboo things that keep your legs up, crossing your legs and I already have kids but imagine the parents who don’t have kids. After two attempts I gave up and said that I am happy with one child.’ She further said that the miracle happened and then she conceived naturally for the second time. Namita Thakar also shared that she did not talk about it publically since it was considered taboo. But now, she has joined the list of many more divas who courageously spoken about failed attempts at IVF.

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