62 “Not Exactly Bad, But Somehow Unfortunate Designs” Shared In This Online Group

Design follows us everywhere we go — from billboards, ads, and signs we see while driving down the road to pretty much everything in our kitchen cabinets. It’s an integral part of life that should make everything easier. If it’s any good. Because the sad truth is that very few design concepts are actually great. Far too many creators make glaringly obvious mistakes that stand out like a sore thumb, turning a blind eye to user experience, logic, aesthetics, and common sense as a whole.

But believe it or not, most of these cringe-worthy fails are not full-blown disasters of epic proportions, but rather… disappointing attempts that are almost begging to be poked fun at. So allow us to introduce you to one entertaining corner of Reddit, which seems to be still growing, called ‘Unfortunate Design’. This online community features an impressive collection of not exactly bad, but plain under par solutions that are bound to raise some eyebrows.

Below, our team at Bored Panda has gathered a list of some of the most regrettable examples of “when the design is just not right,” so continue scrolling to check them all out! Be sure to upvote the pictures that made your inner critic all fired up and ready to go, and let us know in the comments which of these were your least favorite.

Psst! After you’re done, treat yourself to some more horrendous design madness from our previous posts here and here.

Originally published at www.boredpanda.com

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