Weird phobias of Bollywood's biggest stars will surprise you

In the current episode of Anupamaa, Anu gets successful in punishing Manan and his friends for doing wrong with Dimpy. Anu gets Manan and Vijayendra arrested and everyone starts praising her. Loca ladies appreciate Anu’s fighting deeds and also raise their voices against women’s exploitation. Anu gets overwhelmed with all the love and Anuj feels proud of his wife. Anuj prepares garlic bread for Choti Anu. Dimpy and Ankush indulge in a cute fight after Anuj ruins the bread. Anu tries to fix and shares a romantic moment with Anuj. Anuj gets closer to her and on the other hand, Dimpy goes to court to file a divorce case against her husband. Dimpy goes to the dance academy and Samar teaches her dance. Leela sees them together and loses her calm. She tells Anu to keep Samar away from Dimpy.

In the upcoming episode of Anupamaa, Anu gets an offer to join politics after she makes Dimpy win against evil people. Vanraj goes silent and does not know what to speak up about. He soon brews a master plan for the next track. The track will soon witness a short leap and Anuj-Anu will decide to adopt Dimpy.

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Soon, Pakhi will start treating her family members as her servant and keeps ordering them for everything. Kavya will be pointing fingers at Pakhi. Everyone tells Pakhi to go back home as she is married. Pakhi troubles the Shah family and says that she will not stay with Adhik. She announces that she wants to get legally separated from Adhik as she does not want to stay with him as she cannot lead a middle-class life. What will happen next?

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