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If there is palpitation and chest pain along with nervousness, these can also be symptoms of heart disease.

If there is palpitation and chest pain along with nervousness, these can also be symptoms of heart disease.

In some conditions, when you feel nervous or you have anxiety issues, and your heartbeat becomes faster, then you must consult a doctor.

Heart palpitations are feelings of a fast heartbeat, a pounding or fluttering heart. Stress, exercise, nervousness, anxiety or any other medical condition can trigger them. However, heart palpitations can be worrisome but are usually harmless. But symptoms of a more serious heart condition can be an irregular heartbeat or arrhythmia, which might require treatment.

Sometimes, a rapid heartbeat is experienced up to the chest, throat and neck. Generally, a faster heartbeat is not a serious problem. Within a short time, the pulse returns to its normal rate. But in many circumstances, when there is nervousness and dizziness and the heartbeat becomes fast, then it should be taken seriously.

The heartbeat becomes faster even due to anxiety and heart-related diseases and it becomes very challenging to differentiate between these two. So, whenever you feel nervous and you have a faster heartbeat, you must consult your doctor. Here are some signs and symptoms, which will help you to understand the meaning of a fast heartbeat.

Symptoms of heart palpitations

Beating too fast


Fluttering rapidly


Skipping beats

Speaking about the same to the Indian Express, Dr Atul Mathur from Fortis Escort Heart Institute said, “Most of the time we cannot detect the faster heartbeat, but once we come to know about this in consciousness, then it is considered as a sign of palpitation.”

4 signs that indicate palpitations

Atrial Tachycardia – When there is a rapid heartbeat in the upper chamber of the heart, this means the patient is undergoing atrial tachycardia. In this condition, a rapid heartbeat is felt in the upper part of the chest and panic starts and the threat of a heartbeat extends to the throat and neck. There is also pain in the chest and even blood clots can freeze in the arteries. There is difficulty in breathing. If you have such symptoms, then you must understand that this fast heartbeat is not a minor problem.

Fast heartbeat for a long time – According to the expert, if sometimes the heartbeat becomes fast and then it gets normal on its own, then there is nothing to worry about, but if you continuously feel nervousness and a rapid heartbeat, then it can be a symptom of heart disease. In such conditions, you should immediately consult your doctor and go for a heart health checkup.

Chest pain – If there is palpitation and chest pain along with nervousness, these can also be symptoms of heart disease. In this situation, it is necessary to contact your doctor.

Dizziness – If the heartbeat is increasing again and again and you feel dizziness, then understand that there is definitely some problem in the heart. In this condition, consult your doctor immediately.

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