Willem Dafoe and Vasilis Katsoupis talk Inside

We talk with director Vasilis Katsoupis and the legendary Willem Dafoe about their latest collaboration, Inside

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One of the most watchable and fascinating actors working today is Willem Dafoe. From his brilliant early work in To Live and Die in LA to Wild at Heart, to his recent pairing with Robert Eggers in The Lighthouse and The Northman. The man has given countless great performances throughout his career. And in his latest, Inside, he plays a man caught inside a luxury penthouse with scary heavy duty protection from thieves. And let’s just say it’s not a comfortable experience for him in the new film from director Vasilis Katsoupis.

We recently spoke to both Dafoe and Katsuopis about the new feature. For Vasilis, he discussed creating the look of the film, and working closely with the film’s star. The filmmaker talked about creating such a claustrophobic adventure with only his actor and the set. And then there is Dafoe. Impressively humble this man is. The actor gives a thrilling performance, one that captures your attention for an entire film. And even his less responsive answer to what he took from the role was thoughtful and compelling. Dafoe is stunning in this.

Inside is currently playing at a theatre near you, and if you love great performances, you’ll certainly entertain in Mr. Dafoe’s excellent portrayal of a desperate man.

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