Winner Of Tamasha Ghar Announced in Grand Finale


The reality show Tamasha is produced by Ary Digital and has been running for the past 43 days. The show began with 14 contestants and followed the format of the Big Brother and Big Boss competitions. Six of the competitors were able to remain in the Big Brother house during the previous week, while two of them were voted out in the middle of the previous week.

Adnan Siddiqui eliminated Maira and Humaira from the competition because they got into a fight.
All of the evicted candidates, including Faiza, Niggah, Seher, Nauman, Saeeda, Saim, Humaira, and Maira, were present in the house during today’s broadcast of the show’s grand finale. This event took place earlier today. They came there to get one final look at the Tamasha Ghar before leaving the residence.

Adnan Siddiqui and the rest of the Tamasha crew were the ones who extended the invitation. There were also members of the finalists’ families there. Everyone, including Umer, Aadi, Mareeha, and Rauf Lala, wanted Umer Aalam to win, but it was Umer Aalam who ended up with the most votes, therefore he was awarded the title and the prize money. Since the beginning, everyone looked up to him. The participant was hilarious and quickly gained a following due to his popularity.

Fans were glad for the winner and they were of the opinion that the winner was justified and they are happy with the outcomes; nevertheless, other fans were of the opinion that Mareeha Safdar deserved to win the competition.

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