Wolf Pack stars Sarah Michelle Gellar, Rodrigo Santoro, and more talk about their new series

Wolf Pack stars Sarah Michelle Gellar, Rodrigo Santoro, Tyler Lawrence Gray, Chloe Rose Robertson, and more discuss the new series.

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Wolf Pack, the new werewolf series from Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis, is a new take on the mythos of shape-shifting monsters. Rather than telling the same story we have heard countless times before, Davis adapts the novels of Edo van Belkom for a unique story following four young people who contend with abilities they are not prepared for. The series also serves as the long-awaited return to genre television of Sarah Michelle Gellar. Also starring Rodrigo Santoro, Wolf Pack hopes to generate a new fanbase as rabid as the one for Teen Wolf.

I got to interview Wolf Pack‘s cast about the new series. Tyler Lawrence Gray and Chloe Rose Robertson, who play siblings Harlan and Luna, talked about joining this mythology and Tyler’s challenge with undertaking so many sex scenes in the early episodes. Armani Jackson, who plays Everett Lang, talked about bonding with the cast and playing a character struggling with anxiety. Bella Shepard, who plays Blake Navarro, talked about her character’s family dynamic and how it impacts her character. I also talked with Rodrigo Santoro about his scenes in these early episodes, which are very action-heavy. Sarah Michelle Gellar talks about what drew her to this series as an actress and an executive producer. You can check out the full interviews in the embed above.

Wolf Pack premieres on January 26th on Paramount+.

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